Leila Radan is an actress, a writer, a jewelry designer, and a yogi. She is married, with two kids, and lives in San Francisco.

She has two kittens called Tigerlily and Ziggy Barley. She also has a gecko, Gaudí. And a snake, Dalí. And beta fish, Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

She is quirky, doesn’t believe in normal, and is quintilingual. That matters to her.

Leila is a vegetarian offended by the fact that a cow once charged at her in Maui. She loves gluten. And milk chocolate. She loathes dark chocolate. LOATHES. It. She is not ashamed. NOT. ASHAMED.

She doesn’t like her eyebrows touched, wants SO BADLY to smack people who don’t chew properly, feels naked if she doesn’t wear her ostentatious jewelry and has an ever so slight addiction to Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Slight. *chokes on her words* Yes. And so…

Most important fact: Leila is known for her shoes. Literally. Once, a Facebook friend she didn’t know in real life walked by her, eyes to the ground. He saw her shoes, exclaimed “Leila Radan”, looked up, and saw her. She IS Leila Radan. And her shoes are her. Fact.

That’s all you need to know for now. Well, in addition to all the delicious information on her as actresswriterjewelry designer, and yogi.

Also, she loves the word delicious. Just don’t overuse it.


The End