An Iranian/Danish, San Francisco based actress and model, Leila has much experience in all aspects of her vocations. In the industry for well over a decade, she has worked both here in the US and in Europe. 

Leila’s background is expansive. She has taken to the stage with lead performances in Spain’s acclaimed Teatro Cervantes, Teatro Alameda and Teatro Apolo and San Francisco’s Castro Theatre. She has worked in television, film, print and television commercials. Leila expanded her range to designing jewelry for the runway, as well as modeling for local designers on the runway and in print. She is experienced in voiceover work and has an expansive body of work in serving as the host of a number of talk series and interview series made for the web. Her latest passion project is A Pile Of Chic, “a web series where Chic happens”, co-founded and co-hosted with San Francisco fashionista and SF Examiner freelance writer, Michele Gates and inspired into being by their first interviewee, acclaimed designer and fashion icon, Betsey Johnson.

Leila holds both an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, and Certificates in Improvisational Acting, Classical (Shakespearean) Acting, Mimicry & Accent driven performances as well as Slapstick & Comedic Acting from Spain’s acclaimed Escuela Superior de Arte Drámatico de Málaga.

Leila’s full resumé is available upon request. For audition requests or bookings, please contact Stars The Agency.