Welcome to Leila’s corner of creativity unleashed into a passion turned endeavor.

Miz B is Leila’s jewelry design collection featuring unique sterling silver pieces and handmade semi-precious stone pieces. Inspired by her daily interactions with fashion intertwined with her multicultural and ethnically diverse background, she creates pieces as they come to her. The end product is a personal piece of jewelry that has a meaningful design connection to its wearer. Expect to see elegant, yet quirky and unique, jewelry pieces enhancing any apparel collection Miz B is paired up with on the runway or elsewhere!

An official catalogue, showcasing present designs and designs past, is yet to be listed. Stay tuned! 

In the meanwhile, visit Miz B’s Etsy Store to view what is currently available.  Like what you see? Then reach out to us for a number of fabulous possibilities ranging from runway, photo shoots, personalized jewelry parties/events and MORE!

Inquire within for full details and, more importantly, enjoy!