Leila Radan, an off-the-wall-and-off-the-cuff-hyper-hyphenated-ranting-and-raving-writer-a-go-go, is described best by an avid reader and all around loyal fan as “Lewis Black on crack.”

A wife, a mother of two, a vegetarian and jewelry designer to boot, this proud, multi-ethnic San Franciscan will zoom from Zen to a full blown ROAR in the blink of an eye.

A feminist, a fashionista, Leila juggles her dreams against the mundane backdrop of “reality”, refusing to lose her voice and sense of self to society’s self-imposed shackles. Whether on runways, in malls, boutiques, city-streets or suburban digs…whether sashaying next to your average Jane & Joe, Molly or Moe, one thing is certain…this ostentatious-jewelry-wearing-Jeffrey-Campbell-addict of a shoe snob  can be a ticking time bomb of rants and raves. The short-circuitry in her brain is bound to elicit a dizzying stream of consciousness slam guaranteed to be as unforgettable, quirky, eccentric, explosive, unabashed, unashamed and absolutely unapologetic as Leila herself.

Leila can be tamed, however, and her work spans a range of content, business, ghostwriting, blogging, magazine, newspaper writing, developing, editing, copyediting, content editing, proofreading, designing, and web research experience. Her work has been featured/posted/published in web publications, newspapers, magazines, blogs, newsletters, business materials, manuscripts, articles, and anthologies both here in the US and in Spain ranging in subject matter from feminism and human rights, to fitness and fashion.

Leila’s full resumé is available upon request.